Increasing the RLT attractiveness. What is the practical use of token?


The team is closely involved in increasing the investment attractiveness of the RLT token through listing on new exchanges and improving the technology itself.

In connection with the prohibitions and sanctions imposed by SEC, we are forced to increase the requirement for the issued token and do a number of procedures for recognizing the token as an Utility one.

In addition, the positioning of the system of investment attractiveness of RLT is changing. These days, the world's leading exchanges can reject the promising project for any reason. When choosing a candidate for listing, the decisive opinion is neither the technology utility nor protection of the interests of investors, but the absence of risks associated with dividends payout, carrying out ICO and increased speculation in the market.

Let's find out why it's so important not to get under SEC regulation and what is the difference between security and utilty token.

A token can perform one or several functions, depending on which it's possible to classify a specific coin - often they are something between the stock, the domestic currency and the account unit. The so-called "utility" token is used as a way to provide internal transactions (less often for payments between users), but its price may increase due to the limited quantity and growing demand. The most famous utility token is ETH. Another type of token is security token, which gives its owners the rights similar to shares. Cryptocurrencies issued during ICO with this status are the security one.

Utility tokens have advantages when using the project functions and products. Moreover, they are absolutely legal according to SEC and are free from federal laws governing securities' obligations.  On the other hand, the security tokens assume the function of shares, which becomes the subject to federal securities regulations.

In order for RLT to have the maximum set of Utility token's properties and have all the chances to enter large exchanges, we implemented a number of additional changes.

As in the case of Bittrex, any other exchange refers the token of the project that pays dividends or promises a cashback to security one and high-risk assets. This situation caused structural changes. We stopped the payment of dividends from the profits of the game to provide key holders with an access key to all game products (which, by the way, will now be less venturous and more social). However, it is not worth worrying about - the parameters of the promotion rewards for token owners won't be affected by these changes.

All loyal users are granted the privilege of receiving incentive loyalty bonuses for their contribution to the project development. The loyalty rewards fund is formed from the game activity in projects developed by, thereby creating an additional qualitative encouragement of users for their loyalty.

The initial number of tokens to participate in the distribution of loyalty bonuses is 1,000 RLT tokens, which can be charged for using products, contributing to platform promotion or participating in game projects. In the future, as the project develops, this value can be adjusted.

The RLT token is endowed with the functionality of the access key to all game products, moreover, it will provide users with the right to participate in the management of existing and future platform solutions. Token holders will have the opportunity to influence the project development by voting for the development, release or modification of new games, the launch of advertising campaigns, listing on exchanges, etc. As part of the program for further RLT development, the token can be added as a bonus unit to partner projects and used in new SmartBox gaming equipment.

Thus, the RLT token is an utility token and should not be treated by users as security one.

In the near future a new version of website will be released, reflecting all the progressiveness of the platform technology.

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