development strategy for 2018










Bigger exchanges for bigger volumes

To significantly increase the capitalization of the project, RouletteToken (RLT) should be added to the listings of major exchanges. The daily turnover in the pair RLT / BTC during the last months can be compared with the turnover of larger projects, like EOS. In addition, the exchange is less known to the Asian and US user. Another obstacle is represented by an increase in the withdrawal commission up to 100 RLT. At the moment negotiations are under way with other exchanges.

New ways of the development

Work on the investment attractiveness of the project does not stop even for a minute. establishes partnership relations with large investors, South American and Asian media, representatives from the real sector of gambling. Marketing activities allow the project to find new investors and representatives outside the cryptocurrency community. In the industry of blockchain gambling the speed and cost of transactions are fundamental parameters. Developers are considering the possibility of creating their own blockchain in order to secure the proposed games and make them resistant to problems arising in the current Ethereum network.

Futuristic or classical?

The team of designers is working on the creation of 3 concepts for the new roulette design, among which the best will be chosen. We are considering the possibility of adding other currencies, first of all ETH, for playing Win-Win roulette. Soon, an announcement of the new blockchain game will be held with its subsequent launch. Now it's under the process of the closed alpha-testing - the designers are creating the interface and within a month it will be ready for the presentation. 


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