Test payout of loyalty RLT tokens is scheduled for today

SmartPlay.tech has started to test the functional of the reward distribution to check if the mechanics is working properly. 

Today between 7 and 8 p.m. GMT we are starting the test payout in the amount of 10 000 RLT tokens. We are asking all the token holders who haven't transferred tokens from exchanges to do it by 7 p.m. in order to get loyalty rewards directly to their personal wallets.

SmartPlay.tech has managed to carry out much work for the enhancement and the promotion of the project, a little part of which you might already have noticed in our game design and functional:

- Ropsten (Testnet) network has been restored.
Now players can play free game mode and get 1 ETH free for trying the game functional and efficiency.
- The interface has been significantly simplified to improve usability for new players.
- The calculation of the required amount of gas for sending transaction has been made extremely accurate.
- We've added soundtrack.
- The information banners and videos explaining the advantages of the platform for players and investors have been added.
- Some changes have been introduced in the game design with the addition and rework of the elements to make the game process more attractive and understandable.
- Minor bugs occurred in the game process have been fixed.
What are the nearest plans?
- Since September, 12th we are starting the payout of rewards with the use of the blockchain roulette's balance.
- We have started the cooperation with top YouTube streamers for a mass attraction of new players.
- The affiliate program has started to be advanced to expand the partner network. 
- Give-away promotions for the creation of the mass advertising effect are scheduled for September.


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