With an eye on the major exchanges - the new loyalty program on SmartRoulette


Our team continues our work on the listing of RLT token to large trading platforms. And as it was already mentioned, this work requires the token to be as legitimate as possible, therefore, to meet the requirements of being a pure utility token.


Today, as a part of this work we present you a new loyalty program for Blockchain and Win-Win roulette players. The main focus of this program, we will be on the promotion of the games - the more you play, the more bonuses you can get!


The main change required by the SEC and which is a prerequisite for the listing on large exchanges, concerns bonus payments. With the change of the bonus program, we will pay a reward for the activity of players on any of our games. Each player must have at least 5 bets in latest 3 months to get his reward. In addition to that, a player must have a minimum of 1000 RLT token in their wallet, in order to receive the loyalty bonus.


So, even if you lose, part of your loss might be compensated with the loyalty bonus! And if you win, your winnings will be even greater!


Thus, roulette will become even more interesting for every player. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram to get the latest updates from SmartPlay.tech.


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