SEC’s regulations and the growth of RouletteToken (RLT)

Last month, the main focus of the SmartPlay.Tech team had been on updating our token policy, so that SEC’s regulations don’t come in the way of RLT’s progress.

As such, we considered changing several key features of RLT token in order to prevent potential conflicts in the future.

RLT is mainly used as an in-game token for playing various games on the SmartPlay.Tech platform. For example, it is now utilized for playing “European roulette” on It could also be utilized for accessing several apps and services on the platform. Hence, RLT serves as a utility token.

Additionally, users can also exchange RLT in supported Exchanges, such as Livecoin, YoBit, etc., so the tokens aren’t just locked in within the platform.

We’d like to inform here that during the ICO phase, we did not accept any deposits from countries with strong securities regulatory bodies, such as U.S. and Canada.

Moreover, we’ve now made changes to our loyalty program, where the in-game rewards (in the form of RLT tokens) are directly dependent on the user activities, rather than being a regular dividend payout. Hence, this system is now a rewards-based loyalty program, which is not subject to any sort of regulation.

Note: As of now, we have discontinued the old rewards system. This new loyalty program is currently under development, and will be rolled out in some time.

One of our major goals is to make our platform accessible to everyone, including the people in the U.S. and Canada. By implementing these changes, we hope to introduce RLT in some of the biggest crypto-exchanges, and in the process, make it accessible to the masses.

There’s another piece of information that we’d like to share. We are planning to participate in the Russian Gaming Week on June 7th and 8th, 2018, where we’ll get a chance to meet with potential partners and promote our blockchain-based game solutions. This will also enable us to learn more about the current trends, as well as gaining insight on target customers, which in turn will help us to fine tune the upcoming tasks in our roadmap.

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