RLT = 0,052 USD

Initial price: 0.07 USD

(+16587 / 24 hours)

23976988.94 RLT
(+161289.82 / 24 hours)

7088.48 ETH
(+0 / 24 hours)

~3 200 ETH
$729 600

(+41 / 30 days)

467.33 ETH
(Last payout: 50,5 ETH)


Participiate in testing of the new win-win blockchain-roulette and get up to $10 guaranteed
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Blockchain Roulette

Win-Win Roulette


No deposits — your funds are managed solely by you

0.5 % of money spent on betting are returned to you in the form of system tokens

Accepting and processing bets as well as win payouts are transparent for all players and investors

100% anonimity with no registration, documents and verification

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Test dividend payout in RLT tokens is scheduled for today has started to test the functional of the dividends distribution to check if the mechanics is working properly. Today between 7 and 8 p.m. GMT we are starting the test payout in the amount of 10 000 RLT tokens. We are asking all the token holders who haven't transferred tokens from exchanges to do it by 7 p.m. in order to get the dividends directly to their personal wallets.

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09/13/2017 monthly report: new game, $3,000,000 trading volume and Macau partner published the project statistics monthly report for June which was full of launches and events including the release of the new game and affiliate program, cooperation with a big partner from Macau and exchange records.

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First version of the affiliate program goes live as a part of SmartRoulette Win-Win project

On June 21 platform has launched the first version of the affiliate program as a part of SmartRoulette Win-Win project. Thanks to unique conditions, both professional web-masters owning large advertising platforms, and users pn the roulette website can become the participants of the system.

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New roulette first stats: over 2,000 players and tenfold increase in RLT price

On June 5 presented users the first roulette in which players were able to place bets and receive guaranteed winnings using free bonuses and RLT tokens that are already traded on the exchange and have a real value. In just 4 days more than 2,000 players took part in testing a new game, having made 187,000 game rounds. Immediately after release announcement the price of RLT token has soared to $ 0.7.

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The release of the first win-win blockchain roulette is announced by the platform

On June 5th, is presenting its users a new win-win RLT-blockchain roulette, playing in which won't require any deposits. Players will be able to place bets and win using RLT tokens that are already traded on the exchange and have a real value.

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05/31/2017 moves to a new system of dividends payout

Developers of announced the completion of work on the modification of dividends distribution system. The changes made are necessary for the entry to Bittrex andother large US crypto currency exchanges, whose administrations impose special requirements for income payout. The transition to a new dividend distribution system will allow paying the profit received by RLT holders from the game's income in the form of tokens (digital shares of

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RLT token enters Livecoin exchange

On May, 20nd Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange added token of platform in its listings that has instantly led to active trading on the website. Trading operations are available for RLT holders against four currencies BTC, ETH, USD, RUR.

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The access to the game website has been restricted to US residents is restricting the website access to a list of countries where online gambling is prohibited by the legislation as a part of obligatory changes necessary for the entry to Bittrex exchange.

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05/16/2017 announces the voting as a part of the final stage of entry to the Bittrex

On May 4 an important stage of negotiations has been held with representatives of Bittrex, during which all prospects and conditions for the listing of the token were discussed, and the further direction for work was determined. It's planned to modify the system of dividends distribution.

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Highrollers' day and happy hours - profitable Monday at SmartRoulette announces Monday the day of double profit. Only today playing in Roulette all the users participate in two promotions at once - highrollers' day and happy hours with 3% maximal cashback from each bet placed.

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Sea battle


Every player is a partner

A player is credited up to 3% of the bets sum in RLT tokens (digital shares of the system) which allow receiving a share of the profit composed of all other players' future bets.

Placing a bet in any roulette game you automatically become our partner and thus a co-owner of the project.

0.5 - 3.0% of the amount of bets are instantly sent to a player’s Ethereum address in RLT tokens. The amount of the reward is defined according to the following table:

Test period 03/14/2017 - 03/21/2017 3%
Test period 03/22/2017 - 03/29/2017 2.5%
Test period 03/30/2017 - 04/06/2017 2%
Test period 04/07/2017 - 04/14/2017 1.5%
after 04/15/2017 0.5%


Therefore, tokens can be sold on an exchange or used for receiving dividends from the project’s profit.

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About our project

We’ve launched beta-version of «European roulette» on Ethereum smart contracts. We tried our best to make the game maximally functional and complete with the advantages:

  • random number generation and the payment of winnings are fully automated being controlled by the smart contract;
  • a great number of various types of bets, such as Corner, Split, Sixline, etc.;
  • the possibility of placing up to 64 bets on different fields at one turn;
  • smart contract source code is open at GitHub;
  • to start playing it’s necessary to install MetaMask extension for Google Chrome browser.
  • the game is available both in Ethereum main network (Mainnet) and test network (Testnet). After signing up in MetaMask a user gets several ETH coins for free and can test the game.
  • basic mathematical advantage over a player (House Edge) is equal to 2.7%. Thus, no matter how perfect the player’s game is and what strategies are used, the casino is always more lucky by 2.7% if analyzing quite long sequence of games. Casino’s effective work without house edge is impossible as it is this number that excludes any misuse and bankruptcy.
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Our roadmap

Our nearest development plans:

  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable dividends;
  • to launch multi-level affiliate program providing constant traffic of new players;
  • to make the game more user-friendly and easy-to-play with no additional plugins;
  • to present animated 3D design with visual and sound effects;
  • to introduce the voting system allowing all the partners managing key parameters of the poject;
  • to enter crypto currency exchanges;
  • to launch broad advertising campaign for attracting 3 000 players.
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RLT tokens

Name: Roulette token (RLT).

Initial amount: 10 000 000 (10 million).

Initial price 1 RLT = 0.0015 ETH.

Token standard: ERC20.

RLT tokens can be easily transferred between all the participants using Ethereum network addresses. Besides, tokens can be transferred into accounts on crypto currency exchanges and back after introduction of token support to the stock market.

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ICO (Crowdsale)

On April 10, 2017  three-day crowdsale of platform has ended. Total sum raised comprises 2873.592 ETH or $ 126 150 at the exchange rate as of 04/10/2017. The number of tokens sold is 1 874 170. The founders consider ICO to be successfull, as only for the first day of sales they managed to raise the planned amount of $ 100 000.

Distribution of the funds collected

  • 60% – the fund for carrying out effective advertising campaign of the game;
  • 20% – the fund for advancing «European roulette» and launching additional versions of the game;
  • 20% – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project.

The goals we are planning to achieve using the funds collected in terms of ICO:

  • to launch broad advertising campaign of the game in the internet and attract at least 3 000 new players;
  • to launch the affiliate program providing the constant traffic of new players;
  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable dividends;
  • to enter exchange markets with RLT token;
  • to develop and launch a voting system for RLT token holders allowing them making decisions concerning the game development and promotion;
  • to present animated 3D design with visual and sound effects;
  • to develop and launch a set of additional Roulette versions with various types of bets and options («American Roulette», «Russian Roulette»).
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