White paper

1. About our project

Smart contract

Smart contractsEthereum network technology allowing automatization of obligations implementation and making the mechanism of interaction between people and programs transparent. Implementation of obligations stored in the smart contract code is guaranteed by Ethereum structure and mechanisms.

The results of interaction between the smart contract and people are permanently stored in Ethereum blockchain, being always available for inspection and control, and cannot be deleted or modified later providing the unique opportunities for organizing efficient work of a great number of socio-economic systems.

Our product

We have developed and launched the prototype of «European Roulette» game based on Ethereum smart contract. We did our best to make the game extremely functional and complete by offering:

  • various types of bets, such as Corner, Split, Sixline, etc.;
  • the possibility of placing up to 64 bets on different fields at one turn;
  • random number generation is provably fair, payouts are fully automated being controlled by the smart contract;
  • smart contract source code is open at GitHub, its transparency may be verified by any blockchain developer;
  • all results of smart contract work are permanently stored in Ethereum network blockchain.

To start playing it is necessary to install Metamask extension for Google Chrome browser. It allows organizing interaction between the client browser, Ethereum network and our smart contract via SmartRoulette.io interface.

The game is available both in Ethereum main network (Mainnet) and test network (Testnet). After signing up in Metamask the user may select Testnet mode and get several free ETH coins for testing the game.

House Edge

Basic mathematical advantage over a player (House Edge) is equal to 2.7%. This parameter calculation is generally accessible and can be easily checked by everybody, for example, in Wikipedia. Thus, no matter how perfect the player’s game is and what strategies are used, the roulette is always in plus by 2.7% if analyzing quite long sequence of games.

Roulette’s effective work without house edge is impossible as it is this number that excludes any misuse and bankruptcy.

Developers team

We are the team of developers and blockchain-enthusiasts with work experience of more than 4 years.

Smart contracts concept itself represents minimization of human resources involvement what we are trying to prove in practice. Trust the code and real numbers, not authors’ authority or advertisement.

We are sure that Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity didn’t prevent, but helped Bitcoin’s spread. In the country of developers team the legal status of cryptocurrency is still questionable and casinos cannot operate outside the allowed zone. In this regard we are not planning to reveal the personal data of the project founders and testers in the nearest time. However, after settling all the legal issues we don’t exclude the probability of public promotion of the project on our behalf.

2. Development roadmap

Our nearest development plans involving our personal funds and primary investments:

  • to develop and launch the prototype of «European Roulette» game in Ethereum Mainnet complete;
  • to carry out inner tests of the game complete;
  • to issue RLT tokens (p.«RLT tokens») complete;
  • to launch commercial banners and reviews advertisement of our project on web sources of gambling and cryptocurrency industry and attract first players complete;
  • using experience of crypto-enthusiasts to implement all-side testing of «European Roulette» game and advance its functional complete;
  • to reduce random number generation time to 30-60 seconds and provide our players with more comfortable game complete;
  • to implement the first payouts of loyalty rewards to RLT token holders complete;
  • to realize “bounty” reward system for the first stage of the game promotion complete;
  • to organize and hold ICO complete;
  • to launch multi-level affiliate program providing constant traffic of new players complete;
  • to develop and launch the second roulette game with more user-friendly and easy-to-play mode and no additional plugins complete;
  • to enter crypto currency exchangecomplete ;
  • to launch broad advertising campaign for attracting 3 000 players complete;
  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable loyalty rewards;
  • to present animated 3D design with visual and sound effects;
  • to introduce the voting system allowing all the partners managing key parameters of the poject;

Further development roadmap, goals and tasks are described in p. «ICO (Crowdsale)».

3. RLT tokens

Issue of tokens

Name: Roulette token (RLT).

Initial amount: 10 000 000 (10 million).

Initial price 1 RLT = 0,07 USD.

Token standard: ERC20.

RLT tokens can be easily transferred between all the participants using Ethereum network addresses. Besides, tokens can be transferred into accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges and back after introduction of token support to the stock market.

Distribution of tokens

  • 2 500 000 RLT (25%) – the fund for the distribution during ICO (Crowdsale);
  • 2 500 000 RLT (25%) – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project;
  • 5 000 000 RLT (50%) – the fund for the maintenance of the system: costs connected with servers, domains, refilling bankroll of existing Roulette game and new versions, payouts of bounty as well as other overhead costs.

How to get tokens

There are several ways to get tokens:

  • placing bets in roulette (p. «RLT tokens issue»);
  • assisting in the testing, development and promotion of the project;
  • purchasing tokens during ICO;
  • attracting players via the affiliate program (under development);
  • purchasing tokens on the stock exchanges.

4. Issue of RLT tokens

RLT token liquidity is primarily backed up by our product and our main product are games. Therefore, to maintain tokens economic sense and attractiveness we bind the volume of the issue to the quantity and the volume of games played.

Emission formula

RLT tokens are generated after a bet is placed in any version of Roulette. Tokens generation is guided by the following formula:

Bounty = Bet * coef / RLT rate, where:

Bounty (in RLT) – new generated tokens received by players after placing a bet giving them the possibility to become a member of the loyalty rewarding program and receive constant rewards;

Bet (in ETH) – a player’s bet size;

coef – the coefficient of return received by a player after placing a bet. This number is defined by the administrator and comprises:

Test period 03/14/2017 - 03/21/2017 3%
Test period 03/22/2017 - 03/29/2017 2.5%
Test period 03/30/2017 - 04/06/2017 2%
Test period 04/07/2017 - 04/14/2017 1.5%
after 04/15/2017 0.5%

RLT rate – the current RLT token rate to ETH on crypto currency exchanges. The initial price of the token is 0,07 USD.

Besides, after launching the affiliate program we are going to issue additional tokens that will be generated together with placing a bet for payouts of rewards to affiliates. Emission quantity will be calculated according to the same formula with the coefficient of 0.1 - 0.5%. (p. «Affiliate program»)

Economic justification

RLT token holders have no reasons to worry that additional emission will reduce the amount of their loyalty rewards since:

  • a significant volume of emission is possible only in case of high activity of players increasing the project’s profit and rewards amount;
  • the more players’ activity and the project’s profit are, the higher RLT token popularity and its value are on the exchange that leads to decreasing issue volume equivalent to bets as the emission volume is inversely proportional to a token rate.

At the same time players receive instant guaranteed bonuses in RLT tokens backed up by ETH cryptocurrency at the current rate and automatically become the members of the loyalty reward system. All that leads to increasing players’ interest and popularity of the project.


Here we provide several examples to understand system work algorithm*:


Basic coefficient 3%

Affiliate program is not launched yet

Rate 1 RLT = 0,07 USD

A player places a bet 0.5 ETH. According to the formula smart contract will issue 0.5 * 0.03 / 0,07 = 10 RLT and send them to player’s balance.



Basic coefficient 2%

Affiliate program is not launched yet

Rate 1 RLT = 0.004 ETH

A player places a bet 0.5 ETH. According to the formula smart contract will issue 0.5 * 0.02 / 0.004 = 2.5 RLT and send them to player’s balance.



Basic coefficient 0.5%

Affiliate program coefficient 0.3%

Rate 1 RLT = 0.011 ETH

A player places a bet 0.5 ETH. According to the formula smart contract will issue 0.5 * 0.005 / 0.011 = 0.227 RLT and send them to players’ balance. Besides, if this player was rederred by an affiliate, the smart contract will issue 0.5 * 0.003 / 0.011 = 0.136 RLT and send them to the affiliate’s balance.


* - definite numbers are shown only to demonstrate calculations algorithm and may differ in reality.

5. Loyalty rewarding system 

RLT gives token holders an access to use and manage the products developed by SmartPlay.tech. All loyal users have the privilege of receiving loyalty rewards for the contribution to the project. Loyalty reward points are built up from the gaming activity, thus induing the platform with additional value and encouraging users for their loyalty.

Initial amount of tokens necessary for participation in the loyalty reward system is 1 000 RLT, which can be received for using SmartPlay.tech products, participating in its promotion or playing in its games. In the course of the project development this number will vary.

Multi-functional utility of the token

RLT token developed not only for participation in all game products by SmartPlay.tech, but also for managing already existing games and ones developed in future. RLT token holders will be able to contribute to the platform development by voting for the development or release of new games, launch of marketing activites, listing on exchanges, etc. As a part of promotion program RLT token will be added as a bonus unit by partner projects and can be used in brand-new game hardware SmartBox. RLT is an utility token and users should not consider it as a form of security


6. Bonuses and bounty

Bonuses for players and testers

The main reward system for players is RLT token payout for each bet.

After placing a bet a player gets 0.5 - 3.0% of the bet amount in RLT to Ethereum account used to place a bet (p. «RLT token distribution»). Tokens are paid regardless of the game result.

After getting tokens the player can use them for different purposes:

  • keep them and get regular profit in the form of ETH rewards;
  • sell them on one of cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • send them to any other Ethereum network user.

The amount of bonuses:

Test period 03/14/2017 - 03/21/2017 3%
Test period 03/22/2017 - 03/29/2017 2.5%
Test period 03/30/2017 - 04/06/2017 2%
Test period 04/07/2017 - 04/14/2017 1.5%
after 04/15/2017 0.5%

Bounty for translators

If you professionally speak one of the languages presented in the list below, you can become an official translator of SmartPlay.tech platform and receive rewards in RLT tokens. Translate the English version of the announcement and post it in a separate thread on Bitcointalk.org forum. Share news and promotions of the project with users, answer their questions and comments and receive real RLT tokens every month.

Promotion terms

Reward size:
1 000-3 000 RLT for topic creation + up to 1 500 RLT/month for constant promotion of the topic.

Who participated:
Users who have a profile at Bitcointalk.org with a good reputation and activity higher than 100, professionally speaking one of the languages from the list.

How to get:

1. Send us a request to email or via a private message on the Bitcointalk forum specifying the language and a link to similar translations.
2. Wait for verification and approval of your candidacy and assigning to you a separate topic in the selected language.
3. Place the translated announcement in the thread dedicated to your language
4. Install SmartPlay.tech logo on your avatar and create a signature with the platform’s name and the link to SmartRoulette.io website.
4. Send a request to get the reward.
5. Keep the assigned topic, support users, publish news and updates, and serve interests of our platform. Every month after posting the announcement of the platform and starting the profile, the user should provide a report on the results of the work (the number of posts, comments, readers). According to the results of activity, up to 1 500 RLT tokens will be charged monthly. In case if the topic doesn't collect the number of comments, the user gets up to 500 RLT tokens / month if wears the platform's avatar and the signature.


  • German 1 000 RLT;
  • French 1 000 RLT;
  • Italian 1 200 RLT;
  • Spanish 1 200 RLT;
  • Portuguese 1 200 RLT;
  • Arabic 3 000 RLT;
  • Chinese 3 000 RLT;
  • Vietnamese 3 000 RLT;
  • Indonesian 2 500 RLT;
  • Тurkish 2 000 RLT.*

*Currently we are searching for Turkish translators.

RLT tokens for translators are distributed from the fund for system work maintenance.

Bounty for bugs found

You can take part in the process of testing our project and searching for bugs in the game. Users who find significant bugs are rewarded RLT tokens.

Please, send your requests to email: .

RLT tokens are distributed from the fund for system work maintenance.

Bounty for bloggers and video bloggers

If you have:

  • a popular blog or an account in social networks with more than 1 000 followers;
  • a video blog on Youtube with more than 5 000 subscribers;
  • a good reputation in one of forums of gambling or cryptocurrency thematic.

You can send us a request with description of your opportunities and the link to your profile. If our community manager checks and approves it, you will be able to write a review or post a video about our website.

The reward for a review can vary from 1 to 30 ETH depending on the quality and the topic of the source where it is published. It is paid in equivalent of this amount in RLT at the current rate from the system work maintenance fund.

Please, send your requests to email: .

7. Affiliate program (under development)

The affiliate program will gradually replace «bounty» rewarding system with more economically effective promotion one.


Every participant of the project can take part in the affiliate program by getting a personal link to be advertised or spread:

  • on personal websites;
  • on forums;
  • via chats;
  • via social networks;
  • in video reviews;
  • by sending to other people.

What is strongly restricted:

  • to send spam;
  • to post the information about the project in non-thematic sections of forums, blogs, etc.;
  • to publish misleading information about the project.


Players following the affiliate link start being permanently assigned to the user who attracted them after placing the first bet. The affiliate reward is equal to 0.1 - 0.5% of each bet (not depending on the game result). The exact amount will be defined at the moment of the affiliate program launch and can be modified for achieving better effectiveness.

The affiliate is paid RLT tokens reward instantly by the smart contract as soon as the player referred places a bet.

Examples of calculations

Here we provide several examples to understand system work algorithm*:


You post your affiliate link on your Facebook page and 7 users follow it. Only one of them installs MetaMask extension and places the first bet in amount of 0.1 ETH. At the moment the user starts being assigned to you and you get your first reward calculated according to the formula: Bounty = Bet * coef / RLT rate (p. «RLT tokens issue») 0.1 * 0.005 / 0,07 = 0.333 RLT.

During the following months the user places bets with total amount of 18 ETH in 100 games providing you with the reward 18 * 0.005 / 0,07 = 60 RLT.

* - definite numbers are shown only to demonstrate calculations algorithm and may differ in reality.

8. ICO (Crowdsale)


ICO date has been announced by SmartPlay.tech gaming platform. Crowdsale will start on the 7th of April, 2017 at 12:00 GMT and will last for 3 days.

Initial RLT token price will comprise 0.0015 ETH with the price rising every hour in the process of ICO.

During crowdsale it is planned to sell RLT tokens in the amount of $100 000-150 000 in ETH currency according to the rate at the moment of sale that is approximately equivalent to 2 500 000 tokens. ICO will be considered valid if the sum of funds raised reaches at least $100 000 according to ETH rate at the moment of crowdsale  .

The details on upcoming ICO can be obtained here.


We don’t support the idea of collecting millions of dollars for obscure purposes. We consider negative experience of other ICOs where investors didn’t get what they wanted. That’s why we are set real goals and are planning to collect the funds only for definite purposes aimed at achieving the result.

Efficient work and supplementary costs (excepting for salary costs) currently require $2 500 - $3 000 per month. Besides, effective advertising of the game demands constant budgeting.

The goals we are planning to achieve using the funds collected in terms of ICO:

  • to launch advertising campaign of the game in the internet and attract at least 3 000 new players;
  • to launch the affiliate program providing the constant traffic of new players;
  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable loyalty rewards;
  • to enter exchange markets with RLT token;
  • to develop and launch a voting system for RLT token holders allowing its participants to make decisions concerning the game development and promotion;
  • to present animated 3D design of Roulette with visual and sound effects;
  • to develop and launch a set of additional Roulette versions with various types of bets and options («American Roulette», «Russian Roulette»).

As soon as our project SmartRoulette.io achieves the goals planned we will start developing the following games:

  • Poker;
  • Blackjack;
  • Slots.

It is possible that each of the games will be followed by its own ICO (Crowdsale) and the issue of a new token.

Distribution of the funds collected

  • 60% – the fund for carrying out effective advertising campaign of the game;
  • 20% – the fund for advancing «European roulette» and launching additional versions of the game;
  • 20% – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project.

Mechanism of implementation

The mechanism of tokens purchase is quite simple. At the moment of ICO start we will publish the address of the smart contract that sells tokens. In case of depositing no less than 0.15 ETH and no more than 500 ETH, the contract will instantly send the corresponding amount of tokens to Ethereum address used to send the payment. The total amount of purchases using one and the same address is limited and comprises 500 ETH. The acceptance of the funds will finish in 3 days after ICO start and all the tokens are sold.

ICO results summarizing

On April 10, 2017  three-day crowdsale of  SmartPlay.tech platform has ended. Total sum raised comprises 2873.592 ETH or $126 150 at the exchange rate as of 04/10/2017. The number of tokens sold is 1 874 170. The founders consider ICO to be successfull, as just for the first day of sales they managed to raise the planned amount of $ 100 000.