Legalization and transparency as a new way of SmartPlayTech project development


SmartPlay.Tech team apologizes for the confusion surrounding the news about the agreement with a company named SJM Holding, and the delay in providing the entire information regarding the situation. We were investigating the scenario from our end, and had to spend some time to think about our strategy going forward.

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SmartPlay.Tech on Russian Gaming Week - main Insights


June 7 and 8 saw the largest exhibition of the gambling industry in Russia - the Russian Gaming Week - which took place in Moscow. It included renowned speakers from Russia and abroad, who discussed on the most topical issues of the gambling market, as well as presentations of the most innovative gaming solutions and products from leading game developers. The participants of the event experienced more than 20 presentations covering a wide range of themes. The team was fortunate enough to be a part of the event, and talk about our gaming solution - European Blockchain Roulette.

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SEC’s regulations and the growth of RouletteToken (RLT)


Last month, the main focus of the SmartPlay.Tech team had been on updating our token policy, so that SEC’s regulations don’t come in the way of RLT’s progress. As such, we considered changing several key features of RLT token in order to prevent potential conflicts in the future.

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With an eye on the major exchanges - the new loyalty program on SmartRoulette


Our team continues our work on the listing of RLT token to large trading platforms. And as it was already mentioned, this work requires the token to be as legitimate as possible, therefore, to meet the requirements of being a pure utility token.

Read more enters the Asian market


Last Thursday, February 15, in Hong Kong, representatives of the team held the final stage of negotiations with SJM Holding. As a result of the pre-New Year meeting, a partnership agreement in the field of the digital games industry and the blockchain technology was signed.

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RLT added to the Enjin wallet


Great news! Now the RLT token has its own cryptowallet, so it became even more convenient and safer to use and keep your RLT!

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Increasing the RLT attractiveness. What is the practical use of token?


The team is closely involved in increasing the investment attractiveness of the RLT token through listing on new exchanges and improving the technology itself.

Read more is not EtherZero: why we can do more?


In a number of world media like NewsBTC the information that may be involved in creating a new network and currency named ETZ appeared. Our team officially denies any connection with the EtherZero project and the claimed hard fork and offers to look at pros and cons.

Read more development strategy for 2018

01/26/2018 has prepared the brief review of the nearest plans, observing the current work and the current results. The review contains the updates on the development, partner cooperation and exchange listing.

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RLT token rate dynamics review from January 22, 2018


According to, in the last 24 hours, the price of the RLT token has grown exactly two times against bitcoin. With respect to the dollar and the ether, the rate rose by 53% and 51%, respectively. At the moment (22/01/2018 2 p.m.) the token costs $ 0.148231, which is more than twice the price of the last week.

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RLT token rate dynamics for January 18, 2018


Over the past 24 hours, the RLT token rate has grown by 26% against USD, and by 20% against BTC and ETH. At the time of writing the review the price of one token is $ 0.088484 USD, which exceeds the initial token price on the ICO (the initial token price was $ 0.07 USD).

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Roulette design: classic style or futuristic design? Make your choice now


The SmartPlay.Tech team is on the way to completing the tasks set in the original roadmap, and within one of the plans it's time to choose the design of the roulette.

Read more is considering switching to its own Ethereum fork to solve existing network problems


The game market is specific and at the same time huge, taking up to 60% of all transactions in the Bitcoin network. Therefore, it is logical to use a separate blockchain for deploying a single gaming infrastructure with its own currency for all participants.

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New media partner of the SmartPlay.Tech


Cooperation was initiated with the popular information resource, one of the leading Portuguese sites dedicated to news from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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World’s first blockchain gambling machine SmartBox by is being tested in the real casino


The first sample of the machine has already been put on closed testing in a land-based casino in order to measure the performance indicators of blockchain technology in the real economy of a gambling establishment.

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The first offline roulette with liquid tokens


SmartPlay.Tech offers the production of the world’s first blockchain gambling machines — SmartBox. For today, the classic roulette is implemented on the machine. Pre-order at a special price is available on the website.

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RLT token added to the Eidoo tokens list


RLT token was added to the Eidoo tokens list and in the nearest time there will be an opportunity to purchase RLT at the Eidoo Exchange.

Read more announces production of first blockchain gambling machine

11/16/2017 platform announced the launch of production of SmartBox gambling machines working on Ethereum smart-contracts with the implementation of new game mechanics, interesting for traditional players.

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Test payout of loyalty RLT tokens is scheduled for today

09/13/2017 has started to test the functional of the loyalty reward distribution to check if the mechanics is working properly. Today between 7 and 8 p.m. GMT we are starting the test payout in the amount of 10 000 RLT tokens. We are asking all the token holders who haven't transferred tokens from exchanges to do it by 7 p.m. in order to get the rewards directly to their personal wallets.

Read more monthly report: new game, $3,000,000 trading volume and Macau partner

07/03/2017 published the project statistics monthly report for June which was full of launches and events including the release of the new game and affiliate program, cooperation with a big partner from Macau and exchange records.

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First version of the affiliate program goes live as a part of SmartRoulette Win-Win project


On June 21 platform has launched the first version of the affiliate program as a part of SmartRoulette Win-Win project. Thanks to unique conditions, both professional web-masters owning large advertising platforms, and users pn the roulette website can become the participants of the system.

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New roulette first stats: over 2,000 players and tenfold increase in RLT price


On June 5 presented users the first roulette in which players were able to place bets and receive guaranteed winnings using free bonuses and RLT tokens that are already traded on the exchange and have a real value. In just 4 days more than 2,000 players took part in testing a new game, having made 187,000 game rounds. Immediately after release announcement the price of RLT token has soared to $ 0.7.

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The release of the first win-win blockchain roulette is announced by the platform


On June 5th, is presenting its users a new win-win RLT-blockchain roulette, playing in which won't require any deposits. Players will be able to place bets and win using RLT tokens that are already traded on the exchange and have a real value.

Read more moves to a new system of dividends payout


Developers of announced the completion of work on the modification of dividends distribution system. The changes made are necessary for the entry to Bittrex andother large US crypto currency exchanges, whose administrations impose special requirements for income payout. The transition to a new dividend distribution system will allow paying the profit received by RLT holders from the game's income in the form of tokens (digital shares of

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RLT token enters Livecoin exchange


On May, 20nd Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange added token of platform in its listings that has instantly led to active trading on the website. Trading operations are available for RLT holders against four currencies BTC, ETH, USD, RUR.

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The access to the game website has been restricted to US residents

05/16/2017 is restricting the website access to a list of countries where online gambling is prohibited by the legislation as a part of obligatory changes necessary for the entry to Bittrex exchange.

Read more announces the voting as a part of the final stage of entry to the Bittrex


On May 4 an important stage of negotiations has been held with representatives of Bittrex, during which all prospects and conditions for the listing of the token were discussed, and the further direction for work was determined. It's planned to modify the system of dividends distribution.

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Highrollers' day and happy hours - profitable Monday at SmartRoulette

05/08/2017 announces Monday the day of double profit. Only today playing in Roulette all the users participate in two promotions at once - highrollers' day and happy hours with 3% maximal cashback from each bet placed.

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Updates in the bet system at


Due to requests from users asking for decreasing minimal bets sizes in European Roulette, administration decided to return the previous parameters.

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$14 000 for 3 hours: The winning of the month


Taking advantage of the highest cashback in amount of 3% of each bet placed and having only 15 ETH on the balance, the player won 293 ETH, increasing his initial bankroll by almost 20 times and receiving about 20,000 tokens in total.

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Maximal bets have been increased in European Roulette


Maximal amount of bets has been extended to 12.8 ETH at with the size of group bets increased approximately by 2.5 times allowing players with bigger bankrolls placing higher bets.

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Play all the weekend with 3% higher cashback

04/21/2017 launches "Happy weekend" promotion. Only three days the size of the cashback from each bet placed increases to 3%.

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Investors have received dividends for the fourth time


On the 13th of April has carried out the fourth payout of dividends. 58.18 ETH have been distributed to 235 wallets with average payout sum of 0.25 ETH.

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Get up to 10% tokens as a bonus

04/11/2017 offers to all those who did not manage to participate at ICO or want to make additional acquisitions, purchasing RLT token at a price of 0.0018 ETH, and gives up to 10% bonus for a purchase.

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Successful completion of ICO: sums up the results


Today, on April 10, 2017, exactly at 12:00 GMT, three-day crowdsale of platform has ended. Total sum raised comprises 2873.592 ETH or $ 126150 at the exchange rate as of 04/10/2017. The number of tokens sold is 1 874 170.

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Investors will get dividends before ICO end


The next payout of dividends will take place tomorrow, April 9th, at 9:00 a.m. GMT. ICO participants who have bought RLT tokens before this time will receive their first dividends from the platform's revenue.

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ICO has been officially started: Over $ 100 000 raised for just 2 hours


ICO has been officially started. has announced first statistics. Over $ 100 000 raised for just 2 hours.

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Instruction for correct display of tokens


Since the contract has been extended for addition of the voting function allowing all investors and partners managing the key parameters of the system, problems may arise when viewing tokens in ETH wallets.

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Pre-ICO has been finished. 717.43776904 ETH raised.

04/07/2017 platform pre-ICO has been finished. Total sum raised comprises 717.43776904 ETH / $ 31,251. There is less than an hour left before the official start of ICO.

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Pre-ICO of the platform has been announced. Reserve RLT tokens for the lowest price!


Due to the large number of requests for the purchase of RLT tokens in advance, decided to provide the possibility of reserving digital shares of the system not only to primary investors, but also to all comers.

Read more has paid over $50 000 wins for 2 weeks and other statistics

04/06/2017 platform has published the statistics on project for the last two weeks.

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ICO start has been postponed to 12 p.m. GMT 04/07/2017 due to numerous requests


Due to the numerous requests of partners from the United States and Europe, the founders of platform decided to postpone ICO start to 12 p.m. GMT, April, 7th.

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Test roulette and get a reward from 1000 RLT


Playing and testing every user can receive 1000 - 2000 RLT tokens. What is necessary is to complete several simple steps.

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RLT token holders have received first dividends

03/28/2017 has made first payouts of dividends to RLT token holders. 120 partners and testers participated in dividends distribution with 50.31 ETH being distributed.

Read more has announced ICO date

03/20/2017 has announced ICO date. Crowdsale starts on the 7th of April at 12:00 GMT. Initial token price will be 0.0015 ETH and will increase every hour. ICO will last for 3 days.

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Testers have been received first rewards


Testers of have been received their first rewards for the contribution to the project development. The reward size starts with 1 000 RLT tokens which allow receiving dividends from the project's profit.

Read more How to Let Almost Everyone Win


All players and sensible people know the simple rule: "If you want to win at casino - become its co-owner." founders decided to follow this truth and developed the unique system making the game process transparent and the winning - real.

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New game platform release is announced


A new game platform is released under brand that will be realized as the main website for all other projects. The website will be devoted to all the news, announcements and promotions.

Read more is conducting rebranding


The project founders made a decision to change the concept of the game platfform promotion and to conduct rebranding.

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Roulette beta-version is opened for public testing

02/21/2017 opens the beta-version of the game "European Roulette" for testing. Users have already provided the first feedback basing on which the team decided to implement modifications.

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