Successful completion of ICO: sums up the results

Today, on April 10, 2017, exactly at 12:00 GMT, three-day crowdsale of platform has ended. Total sum raised comprises 2873.592 ETH or $ 126150 at the exchange rate as of 04/10/2017. The number of tokens sold is 1 874 170. The founders consider ICO to be successfull, as only for the first day of sales they managed to raise the planned amount of $ 100 000. The funds raised will be distributed as follows:

  •     60% – the fund for carrying out effective advertising campaign of the game;
  •     20% – the fund for advancing «European roulette» and launching additional versions of the game;
  •     20% – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project.

Successfull ICO demonstrated that players and investors have a great interest in platform. Based on the results of the crowdsdale, the project's founders are announcing the development plan for the coming month, which includes:

  • to launch advertising campaign of the game in the internet and attract at least 3 000 new players;
  • to launch multi-level affiliate program providing the constant traffic of new players;
  • to provide RLT token holders with sustainable dividends;
  • to enter exchange markets with RLT token;
  • to develop and launch a voting system for RLT token holders allowing its participants to make decisions concerning the game development and promotion;
  • to launch animated 3D design of the game;
  • to develop and launch a set of additional Roulette versions with various types of bets and options («American Roulette», «Russian Roulette»). offers to all those who did not manage to participate in ICO or want to make additional purchase, buying RLT token at a price of 0.0018 ETH until the moment the coin enters the exchange.



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