SmartPlay.Tech on Russian Gaming Week - main Insights

June 7 and 8 saw the largest exhibition of the gambling industry in Russia - the Russian Gaming Week - which took place in Moscow. It included renowned speakers from Russia and abroad, who discussed on the most topical issues of the gambling market, as well as presentations of the most innovative gaming solutions and products from leading game developers. The participants of the event experienced more than 20 presentations covering a wide range of themes.


The team was fortunate enough to be a part of the event, and talk about our gaming solution - European Blockchain Roulette. Our technical solution to create an in-game token system for gambling based on the Blockchain aroused genuine interest among the other participants. The concept of using cryptocurrency for gambling in Russia is increasingly gaining popularity, especially due to the strict local legislative regulations being enforced in this domain.


Our team had the opportunity to highlight 5 major proposals around the development and investment in our project, as well as its implementation in existing casinos. The good news is that several companies are interested, and we are actively negotiating with them about these proposals. We will inform you as soon as we reach any agreement, so stay tuned for further updates.


Additionally, the event gave us an opportunity to understand the current state of the market, as well as an insight into the relevant games that providers would like to launch. One of the most interesting suggestions was to implement our gaming technology to create a Blockchain-based multiplayer Poker game. It's great to see an already noticeable demand for practical applications of Blockchain in the gambling industry, and we'll certainly spend time to think about how we can bring Poker (and other breakthrough implementations of Blockchain) to the gambling market.


Most importantly, as a result of the event, our team got prominent media coverage, especially on RBC (the largest business TV-channel in Russia), which dedicated a part of its story to our story. You can check out the video of the story here. For our English audience, we will try to upload the same video on YouTube with English subtitles.


Join us for more news on one of the most ambitious projects of the gaming industry, and never miss an update!


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