$14 000 for 3 hours: The winning of the month

The last weekend became really happy and lucky for the player with Ethereum wallet 0xd74d485651b55e82295aaf615088fcdc99d13a74, who has won 293 ethers ($14 650 at the rate for 04/24) just for 3 hours.  During the whole month the winner demonstrated fantastic game which results are the bright proof of the system fairness and confirm that everyone can win at SmartRoulette.

The game history of the user starts from March, 29th. That day he managed to win about 170 ethers, however, later luck abandoned him and at the end of the game his balance got lowest again. Nevertheless, due to higher return coefficient equal to 2.5% which had been available till the 29th of March, the amount of tokens accrued by the user comprised 15 000 RLT. Next days the player refilled the balance with 12 and 33 ETH which allowed him winning good sums, but finally were lost. Simultaneously the volume of the winner’s tokens continued growing and reached 20 000 RLT.

Last weekend SmartPlay.tech announced higher cashback promotion with 3% return of each bet placed in RLT tokens which allow receiving dividends from the game’s profit. The promotion attracted a lot of players many of which have already received their dividends and started playing actively. One of them was our lucky one, who with 15 ETH on his balance managed to win 293 ethers just for 3 hours having increased his initial bankroll by almost 20 times and gained 25 000 tokens totally.

After a sequence of lucky spins which together with dividends received earlier in amount of 0.03 ETH allowed the player evaluating all the advantages of the project, he decided to spend about half of his win (151 ETH) on purchasing 75 750 tokens. Total amount of RLT collected by him reached 100 854 making him one of the biggest co-owners of the platform.

The greatest winnings maximal of which was 77.04 ETH have been won with the bets placed on zero. Total number of bets placed – 2334. For the whole period of playing on the website the user has won 1 726 ethers that is the absolute record of the platform and makes the owner of the winning the guaranteed leader of the board (the next competitor is behind by 1 507 ETH). Besides, such an active game positively influenced roulette’s profit and the payout of dividends, 50% of which have been distributed from the funds played by the winner.

SmartPlay.tech congratulates the winner with this awesome winning and invites him to share success with managers of the project and get individual terms of cooperation.

We remind that due to positive feedbacks from players SmartPlay.tech decided to hold the promotion with higher cashback every weekend and once randomly during the work days. All the users participating in this promotion get 3% of each bet placed in RLT tokens which provide constant dividends paid from the game’s profit. Thanks to the higher coefficient available during these days and giving the possibility of buying RLT tokens for the minimum price, the chances of a player and the house get equal.

The first listing of RLT token on exchanges is planned in the beginning of May with the price by several times higher than the initial value.



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