Instruction for correct display of tokens

Since the contract has been extended for addition of the voting function allowing all investors and partners managing the key parameters of the system, problems may arise when viewing tokens in ETH wallets. In order to start using RLT tokens and check the current balance, it's necessary to add the address of the extended contract. Step-by-step instruction is provided below for adding and using tokens by the example of Myetherwallet CX service:

  1. After logging in go to the tab: Send Ether & Tokens
  2. Click the button: Add Custom Token
  3. In the Address field type: 0xcced5b8288086be8c38e23567e684c3740be4d48
  4. In the Token Symbol field type: RLT
  5. In the Decimals field type: 10

As soon as all the above steps are done, RLT tokens will be added for viewing and usage, and all the transactions made will be displayed.


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