RLT token enters Livecoin exchange

On May, 20th, 2017 Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange added the token of SmartPlay.tech platform in its listings that has instantly led to active trading on the website. Trading operations are available for RLT holders against four currencies BTC, ETH, USD, RUR. Starting from the first day of listing token’s price exceeded its value during ICO demonstrating the tendency of fast growth. It’s expected that in the nearest time the initial parameters will increase by several times.




Available currencies

BTC  |  ETH  |  USD  |  RUR


In the listings of the larger exchange Bittrex RLT tokens should appear after the fulfillment of the requirements provided by the website's administration. For these purposes a list of measures has been carried out on implementation of changes in the system of dividend distribution.


SmartPlay.tech continues active work on the promotion and improvement of the product, the results of which are ready to be presented now:


3D design prototype of SmartRoulette


  1. 3D animated design of the game with visual and sound effects evoking a sense of real presence in the gambling hall has been developed and currently is being tested.
  2. Based on the data received from primary players and testers, the roulette version that allows solving the problem of "difficult game" without installing additional extensions and registering a wallet has been developed.
  3. Over the last two months from the project start eight dividend payouts to RLT token holders for a total of 467 ETH ($ 57,908 at the exchange rate as of 05.20.2017) have been made.
  4. Negotiations with leading crypto currency exchanges Livecoin and Bittrex for the listing of RLT token have been carried out.
  5. The entry to Livecoin  international exchange has been made.
  6. The requirements for RLT token listing received from the administration of Bittrex are being carried out.




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