has paid over $50 000 wins for 2 weeks and other statistics platform has published statistics on project for the last 2 weeks.

In total from March, 21th to April, 4th 2017 1301.27 ETH winnings have been paid the biggest of which comprised 766.41 ETH for one player and 77.04 ETH for one game by the player with the wallet 0xd74d485651b55e82295aaf615088fcdc99d13a74 (game index 797). 

The amount of games played in Mainnet mode exceeded 2000 with about 5000 bet placed. The average arithmetic value comprised 17.644278606965173 that proves equal probability of results.

On April, 4th the second dividends payout has been made with 50 ETH distributed to 140 wallets. The average size of payout comprised 0.20-0.50$.




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