Test roulette and get a reward from 1000 RLT

Playing and testing SmartRoulette.io every user can receive 1000 - 2000 RLT tokens (digital shares of the system). What is necessary is to complete several simple steps:

  • Install MetaMask plugin and create a wallet;
  • Make 10 spins at SmartRoulette.io;
  • Fill the questionnaire form evaluating the platform parameters;
  • Post the text about promotion on social media page or a forum devoted to crypto currency or gambling*;
  • Send the form
  • Send us the link to the post to [email protected];
  • Expect the reward.

*The amount of subscribers in social media account or posts on a forum should be no less than 100.

Tokens accrued are available during 30 days and allow their holder receiving dividends in real ETH. Even after expiration the profit received remains on the balance and allows to evaluate the profitability of the project.

The promotion will end on April, 10th.


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