New roulette first stats: over 2,000 players and tenfold increase in RLT price

On June 5 presented users the first roulette in which players were able to place bets and receive guaranteed winnings using free bonuses and RLT tokens that are already traded on the exchange and have a real value. In just 4 days more than 2,000 players took part in testing a new game, having made 187,000 game rounds. Immediately after release announcement the price of RLT token has soared to $ 0.7.

The founders of a new roulette managed to achieve such results by developing a unique solution that made the blockchain game extremely accessible and simple for all users little familiar with the world of crypto currency and blockchain technologies. A special bonus program increases token value and demand, naturally building up the base of loyal players.

Now that the platform has two working solutions designed for different categories of players, it's time to launch a large-scale advertising campaign. For this purpose, team agreed on cooperation with more than 300 crypto-currency sites and game sources. Press releases, banners and promotional materials have been prepared for publishment with the leading gambling sites already interested in promoting bonus packages that favorably differ from ones offered by other online casinos.

Compared with similar gaming projects having capitalization of $ 20,000,000 - $ 30,000,000, strictly follows the announced development plan, demonstrating real results and building up the base of loyal players. This suggests that once active advertising is launched, the platform will be able to surpass many competitors and achieve an increase in capitalization by at least 3 times.

Players can now evaluate the game and get a guaranteed prize in the form of free tokens, and investors have time to purchase their assets and not only win thanks to multiple rate growth, but also become permanent recipients of dividends from the profit of blockchain roulette, which popularity grows together with the price of the token.

Free spins and generous deposit bonus for players

In the new game version of roulette, users are able not only to play with free bonuses and tokens received for playing or participating in promotions, but also to refill the game balance with RLT tokens purchased on the exchange. Players who make a deposit will be given a generous bonus of up to 50% of the funds receiving 0.001% of each bet regardless of the game result. Starting from June 13, the bonus will be accrued once a day and won't require wagering, unlike standard deposit bonuses.


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