enters the Asian market

Last Thursday, February 15, in Hong Kong, representatives of the team held the final stage of negotiations with SJM Holding. As a result of the pre-New Year meeting, a partnership agreement in the field of the digital games industry and the blockchain technology was signed.

SJM Holding is fully confident that the team has extensive  experience and will be able to provide a list of services such as software implementation based on smart contracts for the automatization of processes within the company and interaction with partners, creation of digital tokens, asset tokenization, implementation of the blockchain technology in gaming service. SJM Holding also announced their interest in gaming terminals and are ready to take the first batch of automatic devices for testing.



It's worth mentioning that, in addition to successful experience in blockchain game machine development, the team managed to launch the first roulette on the blockchain, reducing the cost of processing one bet from 10 to 0.5%. The introduction of such a technology into a multibillion-dollar market, according to preliminary estimates, could reduce operating costs of several tens of millions of dollars, which opens up great prospects for the project.

Despite tightening of measures to the cryptocurrency market on the part of the Chinese authorities, the government attracts foreign experts for the experience exchange and development of the blockchain not as an exchange market, but as technology. That's why does not exclude the possibility of registration and licensing in areas such as Hong Kong or Singapore.

Already in the nearest future an improved version of the official site will be released. It will include the Chinese language version, which will allow to widely announce the project in the Asian market.


Upd. Please note, we are negotiating with a small company from Hong Kong, which has a rather sonorous name SJM Holding, not the SJM Holdings themself.


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