moves to a new system of dividends payout

Developers of announced the completion of work on the modification of dividends distribution system. The changes made are necessary for the entry to Bittrex andother large US crypto currency exchanges, whose administrations impose special requirements for income payout. The transition to a new dividend distribution system will allow paying the profit received by RLT holders from the game's income not in the form of ethers, as it was before, but in the form of tokens (digital shares of

The mechanism of the distribution itself won't be changed. If the required number of ethers is accumulated on the gaming contract balance (at the moment it is not less than 50 ETH), the funds will be sent to the exchange and the orders for the purchase of RLT tokens will be created. The initial price is expected to grow by several times and in the future will be calculated from the weekly average exchange rate. Immediately after entry of SmartRoulette to Bittrex the cost of RLT will increase, which will not only increase the size of dividends of token holders, but will also create favourable conditions for its sale. The distribution of dividends in the form of tokens will be produced after the completion of the order. In the event that a change in the price occurs during the purchase of tokens, the rest RLT will be purchased at a new cost. Owners of tokens after adding RLT to the exchange will also be able to make a sale for a favourable price.

Calculation of the average value based on the minimum and maximum prices can be made by each user. chose weekly period based on the fact that at the moment the distribution of dividends occurs on average basis once a week. In the future, as the activity on the site and the frequency of distribution sum accumulation increase, this parameter can be changed.

By the moment platform has already made eight dividend payouts in total amount of 467 ETH. The next distribution will be done already according to a new system. The users will be able to sell received RLT tokens on the exchange, keep them to get dividends, or use for playing in a new version of roulette game, which will be announced by developers in the coming days.


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